Getting Flight Delay Compensation: Step-by-Step Guide 

flight delay compensation
Step-by-step guide regarding compensation for flight delay

Airlines worldwide have a reputable business policy, and based on the customer services they provide, they get a rebate. Flight delays and cancellations are not an everyday issue because millions of people travel by aeroplanes, and it will decrease the value of the respective airlines if they keep declining the flights. However, general problems such as poor weather conditions, lockdowns, corrupt signalling and network problems or a busted plane engine or any such technical issue can lead to the complete cancellation of the flight. The worst stress a passenger can get is either the delay or cancellation of the flight, but the best solution is only to get compensation or extended booking of a new flight. 

Reference to the Compensation Law

According to the refund law under Passenger Rights EC261, the airlines are responsible for providing you with a refund package if the situation falls due to their irresponsibility. The refund law applies according to European Regulations, so it applies to all airline companies, and they will be responsible for any mishap with the plane or delay period of the flight. They are bound to give passengers compensation if the flight gets delayed over 5 hours. You can contact flight delay solicitors Levenshulme, as they work solely to claim refunds for passengers when flights delay or called off. They are the level best attorneys, being UK’s most trusted travel solicitors. 

The Step-by-Step Guide for a Flight Compensation

Here is a quick information guide to help you go through your process of getting a refund for the delay or cancellation of a flight. Each refund depends upon a different situation because most airlines cover up the expenses and manage the trip if the issue is on their side. 

  • Consider contacting the attorney, or you’re hiring a personal lawyer if the airlines are irresponsible on their behalf or do not provide a proper refund for cancelling your flight or rebooking to an extended date. You have full rights to claim against the airlines if they do not pay back even half of your flight delay compensation. 
  • In some situations like immediate landing in different cities between your trip, the airline company is obliged to be responsible for transporting their passengers to their desired destination as soon as possible. 
  • Airline Companies book hotel rooms in case of an immediate landing. If not, you can consider contacting the authorities and claiming a full refund. In case of any further delay or automatic rebooking during this situation, the airlines will compensate at least half the refund, that is half the price of your plane ticket. It does not include the other luxuries you might have paid for during your trip. 
  • Airlines delay flights due to poor weather conditions too. They extend the date of departure. It is up to you if you want to depart by that respective date within two weeks or cancel the flight. It is better to continue with the procedure they set up for you because if you cancel the flight, then a refund is not applicable. 

Important Points Regarding Flight Cancellation Compensation

  • If your flight is delay due to any technical issue, then it is most likely just a few hours delay, and the departure will be within 5 hours. If they take more than their announced time, you can rightfully claim a refund. They are obliged to pay you back within 2 weeks. You will be notified through an email when you cancel the trip on your known due to a prolonged delay. 
  • Get travel insurance! The method to get compensate for all your money (the amount you at least paid for the ticket) is to contact your travel agent. The rest of the procedure is in their hands. You will get complete compensation for flight delay without any issue. In case of uncooperative service from the airline company, your first call must be to the travel agency you have concerned about before planning the trip. 
  • All airlines are oblige to provide a protocol to their passengers who are in waiting lines for their delayed flights. Refreshments such as meals, drinks and even beautiful house like hotel rooms if the flight has landed by the mid of the trip are the airline’s responsibility. You can contact Flight Delay Solicitor if they do not provide you with the necessities. 


Make sure you have hired a travel agent when you plan a travel. It comes in handy with luxuries, paybacks and flight cancellation compensation, security, management and accident expenses with complete relief. Always consult a reputable travel agency as well wherever you are planning for a vacation. Hiring a personal lawyer or a family lawyer in case of any mishap is obvious. Always preplan your trip before you seal the deal with the airline company. That was all you need to know about refunds, situations and a mini guide along the way! 

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