Is Massage Beneficial for Weight Loss?

Massage Beneficial for Weight Loss

Obesity is common nowadays. One of the common reason is poor diet. People usually think they can lose weight by following a strict diet, different exercises, and workouts. They always look for an alternative to all these tough tasks. Studies show that physiotherapy treatment is also very effective for weight loss other than diet and exercises. Physiotherapists give different kinds of massage that are effective for weight loss. 

What is Massage?

Massage is the most common therapy to reduce stress and muscle ache. This kind of physiotherapy treatment includes the rubbing and kneading of the body’s muscles and joints. It carried out by using hands, fingers, knees, forearms, elbows, and feet. Massage therapy or physical therapist can also be applied by using special and innovative devices. 

Massage Beneficial for Weight Loss

How Can Massage Help You Lose Weight?

Massage helps you lose weight in the following ways. 

Reduce Cortisol Levels

As we know, some people start to eat a lot while they are angry, depressed, or stressed. This is because our body releases cortisol hormone while we’re physically or mentally stressed. This hormone causes a sudden increase in appetite. It is uncontrollable that the person took high calorie intake. The abdominal area receives all the fat and the person began to gain weight. Exercise is the most effective method for weight loss which is gained this way. However, massage is also highly recommended to reduce the release of cortisol and prevent belly fat. 

Improve Digestive Function

The therapist does realign the organs having blockages in removing excessive toxin. It helps to enhance the blood flow and promotes smooth digestive functioning, which is necessary to achieve a certain body weight. 

Reduce Stress

A person must be stress-free if he wants to be ambitious for losing weight. As we’ve discussed above, the body produces more cortisol when not relaxed or under stress. This hormone makes you feel hungry all the time; you may start overeating or maybe binge eating. It is the leading cause of weight gain.   

Your therapist will give you different massage therapy for reducing stress. It will include aromatherapy, stretching, and yoga massage etc. All these therapies are well known to reduce stress. 

Massage Beneficial for Weight Loss

Enhance Circulatory System

It is important to have a strong circulatory system to burn more calories. It will provide essential nutrients to the body muscles. The availability of these essential nutrients without a strong circulatory system creates a hurdle in burning calories and losing weight. 

Fights Cellulite

People doing efforts for weight loss usually get cellulite in the thigh region. It usually occurs in women. Cellulite is formed due to the accumulation of fat. It creates a dimple like structure that is very difficult to remove. Studies show that regular sessions of deep tissue massage can remove its appearance effectively. A lymphatic drainage massage is also a good solution to this problem. It improves the lymphatic system functioning. It prevents the solid and toxic accumulated fluid to bind with collagen fibers and promotes a smooth lymphatic system. 

Different kinds of massage are being used to reduce weight. 

Types of Massage for Weight Loss?

Following are a few of the best massage therapies to lose weight. 

Swedish Massage

This massage technique is one of the most popular massage therapies. It is a well-known massage in history and practiced all around the world. It also called classical massage

A Swedish fencing instructor Per Henrik Ling introduced this massage first time in the 1830s.  He got an elbow injury and get cured himself just by giving tapping strokes to the injured part. After this, he introduced the whole therapy named Swedish massage. 

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Following are the benefits of Swedish massage that make it more popular.

  • This massage relief your muscle soreness and promote mental and physical calmness. 
  • Sometimes, due to excessive sitting and hard physical activities, our muscles get tighter. It relaxes that muscle tightness and makes them smooth. 
  • This massage also plays a crucial role in relieving lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain. 
  • Along with all these benefits, it also helps in weight loss by removing excessive fats like cellulite. 
  • This massage helps you to restore your energy level by applying effective strokes, kneading, circular and passive joints movements. 
  • It enhances blood flow levels. 
  • It is a full body massage. However, if you’re feeling ache or irritation in one of your body part, you may ask your therapist to consider that part the most. 

Aromatherapy Massage

  • In this type of massage therapy, massage oil or essential oils are used. These oils are highly organic and extracted from flowers, seeds, and fruits. 
  • During the massage, these essential oils are being inhaled or absorbed by your body. It creates a highly positive effect on your mind and body as it directly affects the limbic system of your brain. Also it enhances the emotions and controls the production of cortisol that reduce the appetite, prevents overeating. It also prevents binge eating as well which is very critical if left untreated. 
  • This aromatherapy enhances your sleeping patterns and reduces muscle pain. Aroma creates a great impact on our minds and makes us feel relaxed. 
  • This massage with grapefruit oil is highly effective in reducing abdominal fat. Abdominal fat is very common in women and highly welcoming for many fatal diseases like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. 
  • The main aim of this therapy is to reduce stress and eliminate depression. As we know, stress, depression, and anxiety are the ultimate causes of getting physical ailments. So, aromatherapy massage is best in almost all aspects. Every person must give it a try to enjoy a calm and relaxed life. 

Final Words

Weight loss is the most crucial thing to prevent your body from different diseases if you’re an obese person. Always get treatment from a trusted clinic like OsteopathiCare that has a well-practiced staff. Now, it’s clear that you can reduce weight by getting effective massage therapy. So, consult with a professional to get an appropriate massage therapy to prevent your body from deadly diseases.

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